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techno live-act & producer

Latest Releases:

  • RBLN001
    Dave Mech, Actitect, Near Earth Object, Acht Quadrat, Son of 8-Bits
    RBLN001 | Reblin Records | 2016-10-23 | Buy
  • Elation / Ambush
    TFR044 | Tech Factory Recordings | 2015-03-26 | Buy
  • Fission
    KSP014 | Konsep Records | 2014-10-30 | Buy

Being a musician, a designer and an avid visitor of raves and festivals, Actitect (Joris Visser, 1980) strives to find the best balance between musicality, dancefloor-effectiveness, technology and performance. Although he directs his productions at the global techno-genre, he explores the boundaries of this style with attention for conceptual and melodic elements.

The atmosphere of his work can be described as saturated and harmonious, as well as melancholic, rude and synthetic. In his live act, Actitect brings his dynamic set with a musician-like approach: live synthesizers and live percussion combined with mixing, drumcomputers and effects.

Inspired at young age by the music of the Commodore 64 computer and early house- and synthesizer music of the eighties, he learned the first tricks of production by watching his older brother creating and releasing tracks in the first years of the 90’s. Joris played the piano since he could reach the keys, explored the possibilities of computers and programming and began to produce music at the age of twelve. Once old enough to visit raves, he began his journey through the variance of electronic styles the booming Dutch dance scene had to offer; from oldschool and hardcore to trance and hardstyle, to eventually completely fall in love with techno. Since then he has been influenced by deejays and producers like Joey Beltram, Richie Hawtin, Umek, Secret Cinema, Cari Lekebusch, Alexander Kowalski, The Advent, Marco Carola, Alex Under, Gui Boratto and Underworld, but also by jazz and pop musicians like Miles Davis, Micheal Jackson and Herbie Hancock.

After working on a successful career as a designer for a considerable period (e.g. Alessi, Philips), Joris decided to put his design work a bit more on the side to find more time to focus on music, his true passion. Currently, Actitect is working on his new action-packed live-act and new tracks released on labels across the globe.

Joris is the initiator of the multi-artist live experience Symbiotic Sessions and Isonic Studios in Amsterdam. Furthermore he played live at events of Dommelvallei Eindhoven, Kings Day, Halfpercenters, Today’s Art Festival in The Hague and had a live radio appearance on XT3 Techno Radio.
He also was part of the very first Red Bull Music Academy Taster in Amsterdam.

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